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Contact our Main Office:

Main Office:

American friends of Tzohar 

9 Mishkovski. St.

Rechasim 2045001

Tel: 04-9849-138

Fax: 04-9849-147

1742 51st Street

Brooklyn, NY  11204 

Office Phone: (718)894-6600

Fax: (718)715-4411

Tzohar Latohar

Religious PreSchools and Day School


At Tzohar L'Tohar, preparation for life as a grown-up starts in pre-school. Every single day, our students prove that with lots of opportunities to learn, to experience and to try things out, there's no limit to the ability to grow.

News at Tzohar Latohar:

We made a dream come true for one of our students.

Last week, Meir Chodosh, one of our students, approached his teacher w...

This week we concentrated on the topic of twins. We had a good reason: we were celebrating the birthday of the Asulin tw...

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contact our school

Tzohar Latohar

3 Ma'ale Tzohar st.


Tel: 072-2722096

Fax: 04-8492267