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At Tzohar L'Tohar, preparation for life as a grown-up starts in pre-school. Every single day, our students prove that with lots of opportunities to learn, to experience and to try things out, there's no limit to the ability to grow.

The students:

180 youngsters between the ages of 3 and 21 attend Tzohar L'Tohar's pre-schools and school. Our students present with light to moderate cognitive developmental delays, motor impairments (cerebral palsy, CP) and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

The students attend classes geared to their abilities and their level of functioning. Our purpose in arranging learning groups according to ability is to help the children to achieve their maximum potential, and then, for them to push the envelope so that they can reach even beyond their (apparent) maximum.

The staff:

A multi-disciplinary team of 170 tends to the students' needs. Staff members include special education pre-school teachers, special education teachers and teaching assistants, occupational therapists, physical therapists, specialists in art, music, drama and animal-assisted therapy and hydro-therapy, speech therapists, a physician, nurses, a psychologist and a psychiatrist. The team members, together with the respective parent(s), follow each child's progress and build a personalized therapeutic and study program.

The studies:

 The curriculum at Tzohar L'Tohar complies with Ministry of Education requirements and includes the acquisition of concepts, abilities and areas of knowledge, Judaic studies including Jewish heritage, academic subjects such as Hebrew language, mathematics, science, civics and computers. Tzohar L'Tohar lays emphasis on participation in sports, creativity, art and music. Every area of study and practice is an opening ("window", tzohar in Hebrew) for practicing life skills and garnering success.

The therapies:

A large and eminent team of licensed therapists provides services at Chochmat Israel. Therapies include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, art therapy, and movement, drama and animal-assisted therapies. A psychologist, psychiatrist and social worker follow the progress of the students and offer guidance to the teaching staff and therapists. Parents of Chochmat Israel students are also given guidance and offered workshops.

Preparation for life:

In the pre-schools, and particularly in the Tzohar L'Tohar day school, we offer the students a wide variety of means to practice daily tasks (such as setting the table or going grocery shopping) and in general, to prepare for a joyful life as an adult.

Tzohar L'Tohar maintains a model apartment where the youngsters learn homemaking skills such as cleaning, cooking and doing laundry.

We operate an educational kitchen where the youngsters acquire an understanding of good nutrition, shopping and meal preparation. We also run specialized workshops at which the students develop necessary life skills such as the ability to communicate rather than simply to speak, and the ability to take responsibility.

We use innovative equipment adapted for use even by students with profound motor difficulties, in order to achieve our educational goals. Outside the model apartment is an enclosed, spacious traffic intersection, complete with working traffic lights, stop signs, cross-walks and bus stops, where Tzohar L'Tohar students learn the rules of traffic safety in a secure environment.

The Tzohar L'Tohar campus includes garden plots where the students grow vegetables, plants and flowers, as well as two pet corners (one indoors, for small pets, and one outdoors, for larger animals such as goats).

In addition, our students participate in a variety of activities in the wider community.

Specialized equipment:

"Snoezelen." That's the last word in multi-sensory treatment. It's also one of the students' favorite words. Sessions in the large, soft, white room, illuminated by delicately colored lights and infused with interesting aromas, give special needs youngsters the opportunity to concentrate on light patterns, to listen to quiet music, to rock gently in a hammock. Children with motor difficulties, attention deficit disorder, communication problems or sensory modulation difficulties achieve a balance in their reaction (or lack of reaction) to sensory stimuli, and step-by-step, they experience improvement in their daily functioning.

Tzohar L'Tohar's sport fields, plus challenging sports activities held in a setting among nature's scenery, provide more opportunities for our students to strength their bodies and their spirits.


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