Project Prayer

During the month of Cheshvan students at Shvilei Chinuch were treated to activities related to praying.

In the framework of this year's study theme, which is Voice, the month of Cheshvan has a special place. Cheshvan, the month in which the Biblical matriarch, Rachel, passed, is often regarded as the month of prayer, in memory of the efficacy of Rachel's prayers.

On the eleventh of Cheshvan, the children attended an assembly in which the power of prayer was discussed. HaRav Kadosh addressed the youngsters with words of encouragement regarding the voicing of prayers.

During Cheshvan, students displaying attention to their prayers receive a special card, entitles the child to a choice of prizes. All students who receive12 cards are eligible to participate in a school sponsored fun day.

The school includes parents in this effort to educate youngsters about the power of prayer. Any student who brings a project (such as a drawing or a poem) on the subject of prayer, that he made at home, receives an additional prize.

Since the introduction of "Project: Prayer", teachers have reported a strengthening of attention to tefillah that has led to increased attention during lessons.

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