Festive Chanukah Fair for the Lower Grades

For the Chanukah fair, each class prepared an activity using a different symbol associated with the holiday.

At the fair, the pupils visited every classroom and got to see a variety of Chanukah-themed activities.

  • The first and second grades had a joint project: a "dark room." Activities included drawing using fluorescent markers while the only illumination came from an ultra- violet light and a treasure hunt using pencil-thin flash lights.

  • In the third grade classroom, pupils made an impressive craft project using torn bits of fluorescent paper, and a candle constructed of melted wax.

  • The fourth graders had prepared a game of roulette. The challenging game interested even children who do not usually enjoy group games. Riddles, thinking games and the preparation of a Chanukah-themed puzzled rounded out the activities offered in the fourth grade classroom.

  • The junior speech and communications class activity took place in the kitchen! After reading the recipe, bringing the correct utensils to the counter and preparing and measuring the ingredients, the youngsters prepared fragrant cheese pancakes, which they then tucked away in decorated boxes that they themselves had made previously!

  • The senior speech and communications class also worked in the kitchen during the Chanukah fair. They prepared Belgian waffles in the shape of hearts (a play on words on the month in which Chanukah occurs, Kislev, as "lev" means "heart" in Hebrew.) They decorated the waffles with chocolate, syrup and sprinkles and then…no, they did not eat their waffles! Each student prepared a greeting card, and gave his waffle, together with the greeting card, to a friend. Yum. From the heart.

Chochmat Israel alumni who are in sixth grade (the students of Rabbi Liron) ran the program for the younger children, acted as counselors and guided the pupils pleasantly and with patience, to the pleasure of all! Pupils in the junior speech and communication class learned how to make jelly doughnuts. The children peeled and grated potatoes, prepared the batter, and stirred with all their might! They prepared the dough according to the recipe, made circles and then fried them in lots of oil. (Once a year is okay, right?)

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