The L'ag B'Omer Project Going strong until the great day itself

We've embarked on a new endeavor: to do chesed for everyone!

Here's how this undertaking works:

When a student catches himself or herself doing an act of chesed, (kindness), for another person, (including vitur, instances of not insisting on "having things my way"), he or she will call the Kindness Hotline (Kav HaChesed) to report the great news.

At home, the student will "report" with Mom's help and at school, with the help of the homeroom teacher.

Every student has a personal Kindness Bank in her classroom.

Every reported "chesed" merits a shekel in the student's Kindness Bank.

On the final day of this project designed to bring the importance of kindness to the attention of the students, the youngsters will be able to use the rewards nestling in their Kindness Banks to participate in a special Yesh Chesed ("There's Such a Thing as Kindness") bazaar.

The telephone number of the Kav HaChesed is 077-266-1737.

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