A Dream Vacation in Prague for Tzohar HaLev Group Home Residents

We're making history! Last week, a group of special-needs tourists visited the famous city of Prague. It was the first time that a group of special-needs clients flew from Israel to visit a foreign city.

The success of this venture was totally beyond our expectations!

Twenty residents of our group homes participated in the trip. Some are our alumni; some, who are under the age of 21, still attend classes at Tzohar HaLev institutions. All the participants in this fascinating tour have cognitive developmental delays, or autism with learning difficulties.Professional staff members, caregivers and medical personnel accompanied them throughout the trip.

The trip took place from Monday through Thursday.

And how was this wonderful trip funded?

It was funded, in part, by the special-needs participants themselves, who work in the nation-wide Tzohar HaLev rehabilitative occupational training centers, known by the Hebrew acronym, the "M'AS". They used their own earnings to pay for part of the trip.

In addition, El Al Airlines generously sponsored the members of this special group. El Al crew members also made sure that the Tzohar HaLev tourists had all the amenities that they needed. They did their utmost to ensure that their special needs passengers were able to experience the flights to and from Europe comfortably and enjoyably.

Each day of the trip brought exciting experiences. The special-needs tourists visited the (gravesite) of the Maharal MiPrague (Rabbi Yehuda ben Betzalel Loew), toured the Jewish Museum, visited the Clock Tower and sailed on the river. And those are only the highlights of the visit.

A spokesman for Tzohar HaLev national headquarters expressed great satisfaction at the success of the trip to Prague for the group of special-needs adults.

Tzohar HaLev administrators are already considering more ideas to delight and to benefit the national network's alumni and current students.

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