Shvilei Chinuch

Talmud Torah and Yeshiva

Beitar Illit

Every child has a special path in this world. In an atmosphere of unity and an ambience of delight in being able to function, we assist the students to step along the conduit that leads to success.

The institutions:

  • Shvili Chinuch – For students with learning difficulties and emotional-behavioral difficulties.

  • Tzohar L'Tohar – For students with communication difficulties and developmental delays.

The students: In the Talmud Torah and the Yeshiva there are 100 boys and young men from the age of six to 21, in grades one to 14.

The studies:

These institutions provide a unique answer to the needs of residents of Beitar Illit and the surrounding area.

The Talmud Torah and Yeshiva offer a thorough Jewish education in a framework that teaches behaviors of daily functioning, imparts study skills, and teaches youngsters how to behave in the company of other people. Close cooperation with the parents plus assistance from the municipality enhance the effectiveness of these frameworks.

The therapies:

We build an array of personalized therapies to help each student progress. The therapies include occupational therapy, speech therapy, language arts, art, music and animal-assisted therapy, therapeutic horse-back riding and sessions in the advanced Snoezelen Room, among others.

The abilities:

We teach the students to acquire life skills in order to improve their ability to function independently in society. Alumni enjoy the privilege of occupational training, and even of job placement.

The extra-curricular activities:

Tzohar L'Tohar Shvili Chinuch offers a variety of enjoyable and educational activities in order to enrich the understanding and abilities of the youngsters: art, music, carpentry, cooking, marital arts, training dogs in dog-obedience school and others.


The projects:

We provide a gamut of projects and activities, including afternoon sessions at the close of the school day, tutors, preparation for Bar Mitzva, (a project in which the older students assist the younger students), workshops in self-defense and in coaching in personal security given by police volunteers, a pet corner and meetings with parents for the purpose of assisting the special needs student to progress and to empower the family as a whole.

The ranch:

The on-site therapeutic horse ranch is growing. The students take an active role not only as clients, but as assistants. They maintain the ranch, groom the horses and instruct area children who arrive for riding and therapeutic riding sessions. 

"Here we have a staff that listens and that thinks about each student. Here, there are things that aren't anywhere else: horse-back riding, a dog, emotional therapy, interesting classes and lots of nice things. I want to say 'Thank You' for all the work. I feel a safe and nice feeling at my school."



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