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Contact our Main Office:

Main Office:

American friends of Tzohar 

9 Mishkovski. St.

Rechasim 2045001

Tel: 04-9849-138

Fax: 04-9849-147

1742 51st Street

Brooklyn, NY  11204 

Office Phone: (718)894-6600

Fax: (718)715-4411

Shvilei Chinuch

Talmud Torah and Yeshiva

Beitar Illit

Every child has a special path in this world. In an atmosphere of unity and an ambience of delight in being able to function, we assist the students to step along the conduit that leads to success.

"Here we have a staff that listens and that thinks about each student. Here, there are things that aren't anywhere else: horse-back riding, a dog, emotional therapy, interesting classes and lots of nice things. I want to say 'Thank You' for all the work. I feel a safe and nice feeling at my school."



News at shvilei chinuch:

Representatives from the Council for a Beautiful Israel and the Environmental Protection Ministry in Beitar Ilit toured...

Our students enjoyed a variety of activities on a trip to a local ranch.

To start off on a sweet note, our counselors dis...

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contact our school

Shvilei Chinuch

18 st.

Beitar Illit

Tel: 072-2566505

Fax: 1532-5800605