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At “The Beginning of Wisdom” we give each child the best today – so that they can reach as far as possible in the future. Here, our students learn to overcome difficulties, to integrate into society and to always look forward.



Boys’ Kindergartens - Kindergartens for children with developmental or language delays. Among our 11 kindergartens, there are kindergartens in Hebrew, a Yiddish kindergarten, and a Hasidic kindergarten which is combined with a Bible Study kindergarten (affiliated with the local Gur Hasidim congregation).

Bible study – For children in Kindergarten through ninth grade, with complex learning disabilities, behavioral-emotional difficulties or borderline IQ, as well as separate classes for children with mild to moderate mental retardation

"Parents tell me that they have received a 'new' daughter since they sent their child to our school. Parents describe to me the successes that their son has experienced in the mainstream Talmud Torah he now attends after having attended Reishis Chochma. They recall the difficulties they had taking care of their special-needs child before they came to us, and they express regret that they didn't do it earlier. Even if the path is difficult, every child can make progress and blossom."


‒Ms. Brachi Glazer, Headmistress

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