Lev Tov

Preschool and grade school for children on autistic spectrum


At Lev Tov (which translates as “good heart”) we’ve built a warm home for our students, their parents and the staff. The forward-looking and caring faculty members make sure that every student receives a quality education.

“A Good Heart”, Lev Tov. That’s the name of this network of Tzohar HaLev’s educational institutions in Ashdod and that’s also an accurate description of the mindset and aspirations guiding the workforce. The Lev Tov framework gives students and parents the benefit of wide professional expertise, a big heart and a strong shoulder to lean on all the way down the road to success.


“The stories of our alumni’s integration into mainstream society including their successful preparation for a good occupation, plus their involvement in activities in the wider community, signify the level of Lev Tov’s tangible achievements. 


Ms. Miriam Bitton, Headmistresss

News at lev tov:

Tzohar HaLev staff members from all over the country got together at a vacation spot for three days of workshops, day tr...

Occupational therapists at the Lev Tov Talmud Torah in Ashdod organized an interesting (and fun!) sensory fair. Students...

At Lev Tov, every student helped prepare for the Chanukah party.

Each class received an assignment, either to decorate th...

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