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DUsing the best equipment, approach and therapies, Kiryat Magen HaLev turns disabilities into opportunities and serves as the leading provider of special education services in the area.

The framework:

Kiryat HaChinuch Magen HaLev comprises several educational institutions for boys and girls, including pre-schools, elementary schools and secondary schools up to grade 14 (i.e. two years of post-high-school education).

The students:

A One-hundred and ninety girls and boys with physical disabilities and cognitive developmental delays, from the ages of three to 21, attend Magen HaLev schools.

The staff:

The One hundred and thirty professionals staff the school. All the teachers and teaching assistants have advanced diplomas in special education. Nurses, care-givers and certified teachers working as support staff assist the faculty members in their work.

The studies:

DThe full-day curriculum is adapted to the requirements of special needs students and encourages the complete acquisition of skills for daily functioning and independence.

The expertise:

The Magen HaLev team includes experts from a variety of fields, including augmentive and alternative communication, sensory processing, assistive technology, equipment modification, solutions for seating, and eating disorders. The integration of approaches and types of expertise, with the use of advanced equipment, leads to impressive gains in skill acquisition even among students with the most challenging of difficulties.

The professional interventions:

  • The Augmentive and Alternative Communication Center accompanies parents and children on the path to acquiring communication skills

  • The innovative CME® (("Medek") psychomotor therapy is used to stimulate postural and dynamic motor control in young children who have abnormal motor development

  • The pioneering Neural Development Treatment programs assist in addressing sensory processing difficulties

  • Virtual reality programming assists in multi-sensory stimulation

  • Equipment modification for assistive devices such as leg braces and walkers takes into  account the needs of growing children

  • Parental Guidance Seminars give information and support to entire families.

As a respected regional hub, the organization continues to develop its services and to enhance the professional expertise available at Magen HaLev, both for the sake of the students who attend the school and for the well-being of the youngsters in the south of the country in general.

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