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Tzohar HaLev Group Homes

Gives Special Needs Adults a Special Home, for Life

The “Tzohar Ha Lev” group homes in Rechasim and in Ashdod provide special needs adults with a special home-- for life. About 100 residents with mental developmental disabilities, borderline intelligence or Asperger's Syndrome, aged 19 and up, from religious and "haredi" families, reside in these Tzohar HaLev group homes

In our group homes, residents receive amenities that are not available in a standard home, such as: accessible home design and special equipment, occupational and educational programs geared to promote personal progress, social and cultural activities, mentoring and assistance provided by counselors, personal caregivers, and top-notch professionals, available 24 hours a day.

What's the "recipe" for turning a group home for special needs adults into a Home for Life?

Living quarters suited to the tenants' needs:

We maintain several houses that are equipped for to residents with mobility difficulties. Each resident is placed in the group home that best fits his or her functional and social needs. We maintain separate residences for each gender.

Coordinator and counselors:

A professionally qualified coordinator supervises each group home. Each coordinator possesses a diploma in special education and is a certified caregiver. Counselors work in shifts 'round-the-clock to ensure the constant availability of assistance. The presence of the skilled staff fosters an ambience of stability and serenity.

Multi-disciplinary therapeutic workforce:

The staff, which includes psychiatrists, psychologists, emotional therapeutic counselors, an educational consultant and a social worker, devotedly assists each resident to continue along the road to personal development.

Enrichment Activities:

Leisure time and social events, activities for Jewish occasions, cultural pursuits, both at home and in other venues help the residents to acquire knowledge, to work as a team, to deepen social ties, and to enjoy.

Communication and Involvement:

The staff updates and takes counsel with the residents' family, school, employer and the welfare department regarding the residents' well-being and progress, in order to maintain an interwoven and informed support system for each resident and for each other.

Employment, Community, Family ‒A Window ("Tzohar") to a Full Life

At Tzohar HaLev we believe in the ability of each resident and we provide tools for integrating into the community and for achieving maximum independence.

Group home residents avail themselves of work opportunities at the sheltered workshop; some work in supervised jobs in the local community.

The new Rehabilitative Occupational and Employment Center (the M'AS) is being built near the group homes. At the new center, group home residents (and other clients) will be able to learn job skills. They also will be able to work at the sheltered factory, where a novel product line will enable them to earn paychecks respectably in a secure environment.

The "Quality of Life" project, implemented at each group home, prepares the residents to function "in the real world." This project instills proficiencies in personal conduct in a group setting and within society, housekeeping know-how, planning of leisure time and how to communicate with family members, among other skills.

In a real home, everybody receives and everybody gives. Tzohar HaLev group home residents also give back to the community. Among their communal activities, residents volunteer in a variety of enterprises, they operate and maintain a local synagogue and they distribute "mishloach manot" packages of goodies to patients at Haifa's Rambam Medical Center on Purim.

In response to the growing number of requests for placement, Tzohar HaLev plans to open more group homes.

In addition, we are now preparing a unique support center for married couples who have developmental delays. This innovative project has rabbinical approval and will be conducted according to Jewish law, the halacha. The project for married couples is part of the vision illuminating our goals for the group homes: to provide everyone with a home for life.

"Since Yaeli arrived at Tzohar, a few things have changed… On Sunday mornings she eagerly waits to return to Tzohar HaLev. Her emotional tranquility, on Shabbos, when she is at home, has improved enormously. The therapies, and the supervision, and the friendly attitude at Tzohar HaLev were certainly not manifested at any other institution that we were familiar with in the past. We feel that she is in the best possible hands."

‒Yael's parents

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