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Darkei Yehuda's distinctive path comprises experiential learning, personal progress and a loving atmosphere. These elements of education pave the way to a successful life for each student

"The staff and the headmistress at Darkei Yehuda come to work, but not because of the salary. They are working because of their ideals. They invest all of their strengths into the students. They have developed a special, personal approach for each child. The teachers offer experiential lessons and personalized study methods adapted exactly to the learning speed and level of each student. There is simply no educational institution like this one!"


T.'s mother, at his bar-mitzvah party

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Darkei Yehuda first and second grade pupils hosted their mothers and grandmothers for a Siddur and Tehillim party.

The ch...

Tzohar HaLev staff members from all over the country got together at a vacation spot for three days of workshops, day tr...

HaRav Kurlansky, who teaches Gemara and Mishna at the Darkei Yehuda Talmud Torah, hosted a celebration in honor of Chanu...

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