Equipment and apparatus

Outfitting the Event Hall

The creation and operation of ongoing business activity serves the disabled students even after formal work hours. To actualize this program, an event hall was erected, to be run with the students’ active participation. This carefully planned activity will provide them with added income and will also afford them direct, tangible exposure and involvement in community life. In addition, the work will teach them life skills in the areas of setting up, waiting on tables, and engaging in food services, on a fairly large scale. For the running of each average-sized event, the hall will employ 10 workers.

The cost of outfitting the hall, including a kitchen for warming up food: $200,000

Outfitting the Therapy Day Center

The Therapy Day Center currently under construction is geared for students with moderate-severe developmental delay/CP, ages 21 and up, whose assorted developmental challenges prevent them from integrating into the “work in the community” network or the sheltered work facility.

The cost of outfitting the Therapy Day Center: $150,000

Outfitting the Rehabilitative Work Facility 

Our facility for producing and packaging food is a stable, ongoing activity that serves the students working there as a secure, protected, and steady workplace. In order to actualize this program, we joined the owners of “424 Gourmet Salt” in a business collaboration. 

The cost of outfitting the Rehabilitative Work Facility: $280,000

Refurbishing of the Snoezlen Room

In the Snoezlen room, the student experiences virtual reality through imagery of several simultaneous sensory experiences. The therapy enhances a broad range of skills and functions. The equipment in this room wears out very quickly because of the constant use of the electrical stimulation systems. In addition, equipment of this kind is constantly being upgraded. In order to remain at the technological forefront in the field, it is necessary to regularly purchase the most sophisticated, up-to-date equipment.  

Annual cost of the Snoezelen Room updating project: $20,000

Purchase of Speech-Generating Devices

iPads (touch-screen computers) fitted with therapeutic programs and applications have proven to be effective in generating substantial improvement in people with mental, physical, and communication disabilities, particularly autistic children, for whom even making eye contact is unbearably difficult.

Cost of the purchase project: $53,000.

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