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Supported Occupation in the Community


We believe that every human being has the right to contribute, to express himself, and to utilize his abilities and skills for his society and community, and to enjoy a normative social life.

At Tzohar Halev’s RWC, there is a “supported occupation” group, in which special-needs trainees work at different jobs within the community and contribute of their capabilities, with close mentoring by professional staff.

These employees are paid at the adapted minimum wage rate set for them by the Workers’ Administration (TAMAT).

Every employee in RWC supported occupation receives graded mentoring at every stage of his work, in keeping with his needs and abilities. The mentoring is provided by suitably trained, skilled professionals, so as to advance the worker to the maximum utilization of his/her abilities.

Once every two weeks, there is a course for supported occupation, at which all the workers in supported occupation frameworks meet to learn methods of dealing with various challenges that arise in the course of their jobs. Among the subjects addressed: The purpose of work, salaries, dismissal from a job, employer-employee relations, inter-employee relations, exploitation of and damage to the employee, etc.


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