Horse farm

The method of psychotherapy using horses provides a unique and effective way to treat emotional, personal and social difficulties. Therapeutic riding allows the rider to enjoy exciting experiences and to face challenges that reflect the challenges that the child faces in their day to day world.

The child participates in individual tasks as well as in group tasks. The tasks enable the child to learn how to collaborate with others, and it provides the child with social empowerment and with tools for a healthier way to deal with life's challenges.

The cost of establishing a therapeutic farm $ 122,000

Incorporating Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC)

The Tablet serves as one of the primary, most advanced and effective AAC devices. Fitting each student with the appropriate technology demands a process of evaluation and assessment by a skilled, professional staff, who will also guide the student and his parents in its use. In order to implement the integration of knowledge along with the systematic work, at least 120 hours are needed for each family. 

Annual cost of the project: $12,000

Preparedness for Work Project

Work is a significant component of our lives. It provides a livelihood, stability, and opportunity for self-expression. Many people with disabilities yearn to find their niche in the work market. They, who need a secure economic future so badly, often have difficulty achieving it and contributing their skills to the world of employment.

Annual cost of the project per child: $ 3,600 

Curriculum Development for Teachers

Curriculum development in the subjects of preparation for life, for the working world, and for integration into the community is underway in the form of assessment research being done by the Tzohar Latohar school’s multidisciplinary staff. The information is gathered through personal and group interviews, questionnaires, and visits to the institution’s schools. These assessment studies are used to develop new curricula, which will provide a response for all the Tzohar Halev institutions.

Total cost of developing the book: 90,000 $

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