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Rehabilitative Day Center

Tzohar Halev’s Day Center is geared for people ages 21 and up, with mild to moderate mental developmental disabilities and limited occupational ability. Our goal is to promote their capabilities in the functional area and teach them occupational skills, and also to expose them to various fields of occupation, so as to actualize their potential, in the hope of integrating them into the free job market sometime in the future.

At the Day Center, jobs are done in the areas of packaging, sorting, and assembly. The work is ordered by various job providers for an agreed-upon price. The Center is not a profit-making organization; all the income is earmarked for the good of our trainees – their advancement and benefit. All stages of the work take place under the ongoing supervision of experienced teachers, enabling the actualization of each worker’s strengths, while simultaneously ensuring the quality of the final product.

Tzohar Halev’s Day Center employs a professional paramedical staff, which includes a speech therapist, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, who provide group and one-on-one therapy to those who need it, and also guide and instruct the staff on how to deal with the workers in the best possible way, to bring them to maximum independence during the hours they spend at the Day Center. In this way, each and every one receives the necessary response so as to develop his/her emotional and occupational capabilities.

In addition, the teaching/mentoring staff is trained at various training courses arranged by the Division, as well as receiving ongoing guidance from the educational counselor and social worker. In this way, they obtain the tools they need to deal with – and, when possible, to prevent – challenging behaviors and unusual incidents.

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