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Contact our Main Office:

Main Office:

American friends of Tzohar 

9 Mishkovski. St.

Rechasim 2045001

Tel: 04-9849-138

Fax: 04-9849-147

1742 51st Street

Brooklyn, NY  11204 

Office Phone: (718)894-6600

Fax: (718)715-4411

Enrichment Rooms

The flagship program in Tzohar's schools is providing our students with life skills. For this purpose, we established a life training apartment, which is a space identical to  that of a standard residential apartment. The learning takes place in groups.  The students acquire experiences and memorize rules and skills from the fields of ADL and IADL, both through discourse, and on a practical level. Skills include  sweeping floors, making the bed, cleaning the toilet, how to use the washing machine, and hanging and folding laundry. This training prepares the student for matriculation and independent living at home and in the community.