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Join us in building the new MA'S facility and give them self-confidence and a life-long earning ability.

Tzohar HaLev is now building a new facility for the MA'S. This new building will include production rooms, packing facilities and storerooms for raw material and finished products, in addition to classrooms and therapy rooms.

We're putting up this new building so that we can offer occupational training and sheltered employment to more adults with special needs, including those with particularly difficult disabilities and cerebral palsy (CP).

The MA'S‒the Mercaz Ha'Asee'yah Ha'Shikumi‒is an occupational training and employment center established by the Tzohar HaLev special education network. It's much more than a place of work. The MA'S is a hub of learning and activity for more than 60 clients yearly. Here they acquire skills, learn how to take responsibility and discover how to merge into the community at large. The MA'S is literally their entrance ticket to life as an adult, to fulfillment and independence.

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