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Nursery Schools and Day Schools


The best professionals, personalized progress programs, delight in learning and belief in the uniqueness of each child. Those are the professional "secrets" that inform the wisdom (chochma) behind the Chochmat Israel approach.

The Schools:

  • Boys' Preschools and Girls' Preschools For children who have been assessed as developmentally delayed or as having speech and language difficulties.

  •  Boys' Elementary School For boys with learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral difficulties or borderline intelligence.

  • Boys' Yeshiva Middle School   For boys with minor learning difficulties.

The students:

The preschools serve 60 children aged 5 to 7

the schools serve 70 children aged 7 to 14.

The staff:

Sixty staff members address the students' developmental needs in the areas of language, academics, emotions and social skills. The faculty members, who have diplomas in special education as well as much teaching experience, and the other staff members regularly attend guidance workshops and continuing education classes.

The studies:

Studies at Chochmat Israel are based on the Ministry of Education program and focus on Hebrew, arithmetic and life skills, among other subjects. The standard of a full-day program is followed (i.e., not morning hours only.)

The therapies:

A large and eminent team of licensed therapists provides services at Chochmat Israel. Therapies include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, art therapy, and movement, drama and animal-assisted therapies. A psychologist, psychiatrist and social worker follow the progress of the students and offer guidance to the teaching staff and therapists. Parents of Chochmat Israel students are also given guidance and offered workshops.

Activities and Atmosphere:

Chochmat Israel maintains an atmosphere of empowerment and warmth and believes in each child and aspires to sees continuous development among both students and staff members. To round out the educational experience, Chochmat Israel offers extra-curricular activities in order to develop the children's talents, workshops for them to acquire behavioral and communication skills and a palette of activities and events.

Getting Ready to Dive into the Mainstream:

Lesson plans are built with the intention to prepare the children to enter mainstream schools quickly and with optimal results. For this purpose, the school is in continuous contact with area schools. In the preschools, the emphasis is on closing the knowledge gap and the acquisition of reading skills. The teaching staff and a traditional melamed (private tutor) work on these goals as a team. Eighty per cent of the children who finish preschool at Chochmat Israel go on to attend a mainstream school.

"This school gave my son an enormous amount of self-respect and self-confidence. They strengthened his strong points and worked in a beautiful way on the topics that needed strengthening. My younger son, who attends the language-development preschool, simply blossomed. That was the best present that we could possibly have given to him: to send him to Chochmat Israel!"


(M., the mother of two students at Chochmat Israel)

News at Chochmat Israel:

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