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Our Vision


Tzohar Halev’s Rehabilitative Work Center (RWC) provides employment for the special-needs population, with an emphasis on improving their work standard and developing each one’s potential and independence to the fullest, in accordance with his abilities, skills, and preferences. While keeping an eye towards future supported work in the community, RWC maintains a positive ambience among the workers, constantly striving to upgrade their quality of life in the areas of health, nutrition, leisure-time occupation, and social interaction, and to strengthen their sense of success and their personal satisfaction. All this takes place in a religious-chareidi atmosphere, adapted to the culture from which they have come.

At Tzohar Halev’s RWC, a stress is placed on developing the social aspect, with the understanding that workers need programs to break up the workweek, and also to enhance their social and communication skills, turning them into higher quality employees who retain a positive atmosphere at the RWC.  For this purpose, various events are held to provide a response for the RWC workers’ needs: festive meals for Rosh Chodesh, social events for upcoming holidays, and bi-annual major trips. In addition, there is a system of clubs, workshops, conversation sessions, and other enrichment resources, such as: art, ceramics, halachah classes, mussar lessons, and life skills. There is also mainstreaming activity for some of the workers with a group of boys from within the community.

Our Activities

At Tzohar Halev’s RWC, each worker is directed towards the job that best matches his skills and capabilities. The assignment of jobs is broken up into different divisions, with full coordination.

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