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Preschools for lingual challenges and development


At Mi’Pi Olalim preschools the staff combines education and therapy, encouraging the development of life skills and personal behaviors for fitting into society. The staff achieves these goals by listening, really listening, to the special language of each child.

The children:

One-hundred and fifty children from the ages of three to six attend Mi’Pi Olalim’s 13 pre-schools, which are geared to assist children who have speech impediments or emotional or behavioral disorders.

The Staff:

A team of 50, including melamdim (tutors), nursery school teachers and experienced, professional therapists, expertly develops the children’s abilities, skills and achievements in  a loving atmosphere. This approach to the education of each girl and boy attending the preschools enables the youngsters to likewise develop simcha (joy), calmness and self-confidence.

The Studies:

The study program, which follows the requirements of the Ministry of Education, is geared to the lifestyle of Torah-observant Jews (“haredim”) and emphasizes speech and language development. The staff blends the goal of increasing speech and language skills into all phases of the day’s activities.

The Therapies:

An assortment of interventions and therapies await any Mi’Pi Olalim student who needs special assistance. Students receive individualized treatment programs, which may include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, specialized swimming lessons or emotional therapy using music, play, art or gardening.

Communication Skills:

The pre-school children regularly learn—both individually and in groups—life skills and communication skills that help them acquire independence, and the ability to function effectively and to contribute to the community and to society.


Mi’Pi Olalim aims to integrate each student as far as possible in the mainstream school system.  Children who do not have special needs and children who do have special needs attend the integrated preschools together. Together they enjoy the services offered by Mi’Pi Olalim and the friendships that develop among them. Most of the youngsters who complete pre-school at Mi’Pi Olalim go on to attend mainstream schools successfully.

“We merited three wonderful years filled with progress and with exciting moments. Now, as our daughter has entered a mainstream first grade, we are reaping the fruits of a very powerful investment [of time and attention.] To see her learn, and try hard and then to see her harvest the results of those efforts, with God’s help, is to feel gratitude toward those who discerned that she has a blossoming future.”


The A. Family, parents of H.

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