Our staff

Yisrael Kornick

Israel Kornick, Director

In 1990, a group of parents asked Rabbi Israel Kornick to help operate a school for their special children. The school, which had been operating for about 4 years, had run into serious problems. The parents’ appeals moved Israel’s deeply. After visiting the school, Israel decided to dedicate himself to the cause. He devoted himself totally to running the Tzohar HaLev’s first school, located in Rechasim (in the North of Israel).

Following upon the success of the Rechasim institutions, and in response to many requests from parents in various regions of the country, Israel agreed to devote all of his efforts in order to establish schools that would serve the special-needs population in the outlying areas of Israel.  Until then, these areas had suffered from the lack of suitable schools for special children.

Israel’s extraordinary personal example permeates all levels of the organization.  From the schools’ principals and down to the lowest level workers--the network’s workers are drawn to and inspired by his leadership and vision. Together, their sense of mission generates dreams that come true.

Today, Israel looks with deep satisfaction at his life’s work, which numbers 21 schools and about 1300 students and alumni in the outlying cities: Rechasim, Ashdod, Beit Shemesh, Gan Yavneh, and Beitar Ilit –
and he’s not finished yet!

Yossi Barr

Yossi Barr, Finance Director

In 1998, Yossi Bar was an 18-year-old Yeshiva boy who came to Tzohar as a young, enthusiastic volunteer, specializing in computers.


Rabbi Israel Kornick identified Yossi’s personal and professional capabilities and took him under his wing.

Yossi’s volunteer work paved the way for a partnership that became an extraordinary success. Today, Israel and Yossi manage Tzohar HaLev together.


After they married, Yossi and his wife Rivky tried for ten years to bring children into the world, without success. So then the couple decided to adopt Tamar, an adorable little girl with Down’s syndrome. Today, Yossi and his wife are Tamar’s loving parents, with all their heart, body and soul.


This “love story” surrounding Tzohar HaLev reflects Yossi’s dedicated day-to-day work.

Avi Kornik, Director of Development

Avi Kurnik

Rabbi Moshe Zeibert

Rabbi Moshe Zeibert, Director of the Ashdod Center

Moshe began to work for the Tzohar HaLev network in 2004. Today, he serves as the network’s Deputy Director and as Manager of the institutions in Ashdod.

Moshe’s credo is to invest every possible effort to develop the institutions into a professional, comprehensive, high-quality uber-resource for the special-needs population. This philosophy is expressed in the network’s superb, carefully selected staff.  This extraordinary staff allows each and every one of the students who study at the Tzhoar schools to achieve their own personal excellence-- just as Moshe and the Tzohar HaLev administration envisioned for them. Moshe believes that his success is the success of the educational staff. It is thanks to them that we can do the kind of work that, at the end of the day, earns appreciation and gratitude for each positive step forward that the students take and progress, and for the substantial care they receive.


 Moshe’s day-to-day activities, together with his senior certification in the field of special education, as well as a degree in management, marketing, and organizational advisement from Tel Aviv University, enable him to make the most of his mission and to draw the very best from the loyal, highly-qualified staff with whom he works. Moshe is proud to be a part and a partner in this work, and he is ever thankful for the opportunity. Moshe is a native and resident of Ashdod, married, and father to seven fantastic daughters.