Every human being has amazing latent abilities. Every human being has a personality and talents that are unique to her or to him. We are like seeds full of potential and ability that are just waiting to sprout.


But, without the surroundings of a hothouse, or contact with an expert who knows how to identify buds, to nurture those buds and to water them properly, how will any of us‒and particularly those of us with learning difficulties or developmental delays‒be able to grow and to blossom?

We at the Tzohar HaLev special education network undertake to provide the most fertile ground for personal development to the more than 1,000 students with learning difficulties, language and behavioral disorders, developmental delay and autism spectrum difficulties from throughout Israel who look to us to for help in using all their abilities.

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Permits for the Amuta (Registered Organization): Tzohar L'Tohar