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Introducing: Tzohar HaLev

The unique approach espoused by Tzohar HaLev has earned the institution a gleaming reputation ever since its founding. Today, Tzohar is the leading network of special education institutions in Israel. 

Our goal is to maximize each student’s potential. and to enable them to attain and to live the best possible life.


In order to achieve this goal, we construct an individualized, custom-tailored rehabilitation program for each and every student. Tzohar is known for its determination to invest extensive resources to continually upgrade and to offer a broad range of innovative and effective therapies. Along with this, Tzohar constantly updates and acquires the newest, cutting-edge technology-- to ensure our students the optimal, most up-to-date care available.

Our story

In 1990, Israel Kornick received responsibility over a school which included four classes for special-needs children in the Zevulun Regional Council (located in the North of Israel). This was the starting point from which Israel established his life’s work. His aim was to help the children to achieve and to succeed.  His guiding principle was -- “When the children succeed -- all of us succeed!”

Since then, Tzohar Ha Lev has grown into a multi-building campus in the town of Rechasim, with another 24 schools located across Israel. 
Today, the Tzohar educational institutions network serves over 1,300 students with learning and language disabilities, behavioral challenges, mental disabilities, autism, and more.

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Always looking forward

The Directors of Tzohar Ha Lev do not rest on their laurels--not even for a moment. We are in constant movement and development. This includes spacious and modern buildings which will best serve the needs of the Tzohar Ha Lev students, and it also includes special and modern centers, which focus on and address the students’ special needs in order to help each student to make progress and maximize their potential.   

Our uniqueness

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Tzohar Ha Lev is the first organization-- and in many areas of Israel, it is still the only organization--to establish institutions for persons with special needs, including in the outlying regions of Israel.  Our dozens of centers, spread across all of Israel, allow our students to benefit from a wide range of services--including professional educational and welfare frameworks, extensive programs for the acquisition of skills and knowledge, and up-to-date therapeutic methods --without bounds.  And all of this is provided close to the student’s own home.

Our commitment

At the heart of our dozens of institutions (located throughout Israel) is the dedicated work of an extensive multidisciplinary staff which includes the best teachers, assistants, therapy experts and para-medical experts. All of our exceptional staff members undergo regular, ongoing professional training to advance their knowledge and their sensitivity to the children and to their needs.

Alongside this, we have professional equipment which is among the most cutting-edge in Israel, a variety of advanced treatment and study programs--and an abundance of warmth and love. Here we design a personalized program for each student, which will help them to grow and to prosper--and will take help them achieve as much and as high as they possibly can!

The Tzohar Ha Lev “hot-house” supports each student from childhood and through maturity, and thereby gives each child a sense of stability and safety. We provide comprehensive solutions for every age and for every difficulty. Out staff invests every effort and makes use of every resource possible in order to spare the child and his or her family from having to scurry among various caregivers and centers.

 From kindergartens, to therapeutic schools, to practical training to helping the child acquire a profession, to support for independent living in the community, to a housing and hostel system for adults--we are always there--attentive, guiding and nurturing.    

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